Critical Evaluation







At the beginning of this project I decided to set out a body of work that was going to challenge and build upon previous learnt skills, to show my ability as a level 6 Hons student. In the specialist practise assignment there were skills that I obtained whilst completing the project that were going to be of use in this one, such as mould making and flat piece application and colouring. Therefore with this project I built on these and expanded them further into more complex pieces, however doing this ground work first made it easier for me to make that transition.

One of the tasks that I find personally enjoyable is creating a brief and generating a character by building a platform from the various different research methods. For me it was important to design a character that did not already exist something that was unique and had not really been created before, this was only feasible by doing the research and layering up ideas.

Choosing to do prosthetics over other forms of makeup was mainly due to specialising in an area; I want to be in film but also like creating prosthetic pieces and characters, doing the prosthetic area meant that I could challenge myself further in the given time than any other method. One of the issues found with doing this however is budgeting for the expenses that occur. I found it difficult to experiment as much as I wanted, due to not having the funding to do so. I tried to obtain free samples from companies such as Mouldlife and Ps Composites however they did not oblige to handing out wet samples. Which meant there might have been better materials that could have been used but with my budget I was unable to find and experiment with them.

Along with being unable to experiment, not having a big budget meant there was less room for error, which meant that I was more cautious with the product planning through all decisions and made sure everything was cost effective which is the good thing to keep in mind when going into industry. However it did mean when things did go wrong such as the prosthetic cowl not filling fully every time, I had to make resourceful decisions on how to fix it in order to get a working piece.

One of the things that I found difficult was balancing my work having three projects on the go at the same time along with work experience at Millennium Fx and losing a close relative meant that trying to keep on top of my written work was a challenge, I found that once I finished one of the projects it spurred me on to complete this one along with trying to keep to my time plan as much as possible.

With this shoot I decided to film the makeup on a location as well as shoot stills on the same day which meant having to become multiple different roles, this was especially challenging on the day on the shoot as my may concern wanted to be applying the makeup however I also needed to make sure everything was running to time and my team knew what was happening at every stage of the shoot. When getting to location it became a challenge to direct the shoot after just applying a four hour makeup, in future it would have been good to also source a producer who would be able to take some of the pressure off in order to concentrate on the make up more. However with this in mind having an assistant help me apply on the day was a real help not only to keep down application time but also in assisting in maintaining the models comfort levels through the long application process.

The development over third year of my work and professionalism can be reflected in the way in which I can now handle situations whether it’s my moulds not working or something has gone wrong. Instead of becoming emotional by it which would have been the past scenario, I can now except the short comings and make resourceful decisions on how to fix them, for example my fibre glass jacket of the models face cast had an under lock on it, this was noticed and fixed before it became a problem, something that in the past I may have not looked into and just continued making it worse.

The final piece being portrayed in a video means that it is suitable for many different audiences, Professionals can view it on a level of how the piece moves whether the edges have gone down well and how it reflects the light, these things are not obtainable through just stills, it will also be viewable to the general public who can hopefully appreciate other aspects such as the character as a whole and how the video is shot. By putting my work onto social networks it will be able to reach a wider audience and hopefully promote my work

Overall this project was a great learning curve to see how I work best as well as adapting to stressful and confusing scenarios, it has built my confidence in working within and leading a team, which in the past, I would have been apprehensive about. Being able to balance different working schedules along with family commitments was quite a struggle but managed to pull through by planning time wisely and making decisions on what can be done how and where. All of these points are valuable skills that I will continue to work on and take into industry.









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