The Shoot Day


Time schedule/call sheet for shoot day

Here is a cut down of what needed to be done in the morning before heading off to location, this was really useful on the day as I could inform my whole team of what was happening and made sure that I kept on track with the application
Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.56.27Click to Enlarge 

This is also something that makes the shoot to be on a more professional level.
I was lucky enough to have my photographer drive the crew to location which cut down on budget for lifts.

The shoot date was very hot and bright, which made shooting slightly harder luckily we had a scarf so that the cinematographer could see what he was filming but on a future note should maybe look into finding somewhere with shadow.

Also made sure we had plenty of fluids to drink on location and sugary snacks in case anyone felt dizzy from the heat.
Luckily this was not the case and the shoot went well. I found that it was difficult not just being a makeup artist but also the producer and director, ideally in industry this won’t be the case but it definitely improved upon my organisation skills along with heading up a team, which will be useful in future aspects of the industry


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