Time Lapse

This is a time lapse I set up using my Dslr camera, orginally the makeup was going to be applied at uni in the studio and therefore I was going to to use the universites camera which has a time lapse setting already installed on it. However due to the availbility of my model and team I had to shoot and apply the makeup on a saturday where there was no studio access.
This in turn meant I needed to find another way to shoot the time lapse as the proposal stated that there would be one.
After speaking to a friend he recommended me to download DIY photo bits camera control from this website http://www.diyphotobits.com/download-diyphotobitscom-camera-control/

This is how the screen looks


its quite simple to use just takes a few practise set ups to get the settings right, it was also important to choose the right amount of frames per second, I knew that my make up was going to take 4 hours, if there were too many frames it would be a long video process too little and it may miss important steps. This was shot on 30 frames per second

The intention was to make the video around a minute long this way it was short and snappy and kept the attention of the viewer, yet still was long enough to see the application.

I wanted the make up to be applied in sunlight as this was where it was going to be shot in, however could not actually apply the makeup outside, with this in mind I sat the model facing towards the open patio doors, and placed my camera on strategically piled up boxes to create a tripod.

In the video you can see decisions I made when applying as I didn’t have enough funding to do a practise application I had to go on what was in my mind and knowledge I have from other applications. Theres a point where I make the lips a dark colour as this was the design however after applying it I soon decided that it took too much away from the rest of the makeup so you can see me removing, this isn’t a problem however as it does just look like a stage of applying makeup and I think it looks more natural that there are mistakes in it, so decided not to remove them from the edit as it is more of a genuine representation of how the makeup was applied.


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